VALE (feat. Midwife) Allison Lorenzen

The haunting melody and deep tone that runs through the distorted guitar is fantastic. This is a stunning slowcore tune that brings that rich analog warmth and subtle melancholy vocal lines.

Denver’s Allison Lorenzen, is a fascinating artist, her work is often drenched in this atmospheric feedback. This is Allison’s first track released as a solo artist, previously bringing synth and percussion to the duo School Dance. In this project, Allison features Midwife, a shoegaze project by Madeline Johnston. The effect is unmistakable, and there is a symbiotic sound that resonates between the two.

This song dives down oh so slowly. The despair enraptures the listener and brings this wholeness of darkness, a place of total black, where the singer begins to find herself. Sort of a peek behind the curtain. As dark and sad as this tune is, it is utterly lovely in every way.

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