What I’ve Become by Mcclendon

Drawing on the iconic cabin pop sound ala Bon Iver and Ben Howard, Mcclendon brings us in touch with a moody warmth and haunting edge in his latest track “What I’ve Become.”

The song is an intensely moving track that takes the listener on a journey through self-evaluation of good and bad, what truly makes oneself and what we can become, ultimately our true self.

“I’ve woken up countless times thinking, ‘How did I get here?’ Just that realization of being a long way off who you were – and who you wanted to become – when you began.”


Taking the reigns in the creative process and not being dictated by the cultural norms in production, Mcclendon writes, produces, and records most of his music. This, the lead single from his self-titled EP was very richly crafted by Mcclendon, and ultimately completed with the culmination of audio engineer Jeff Meelo, and guitarist Ben Kitternam.

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