X(intro) by Micah Willis & Austin Payne

Vocally ethereal, like a shout out to a rocket careening out of our atmosphere. Micah Willis has a way to make music just connect, on a visceral level. This track, the opening to his upcoming album X, is doing just that. It’s making a connection through the deep synth textures and punching 808.

Willis blend’s influences of pop, funk, and hip-hop, and this track opens up the album to see those influences culminate. Along with the production of Austin Payne, the pair have collaborated to produce a impressive collection of tracks each building on each other, forming an eclectic mix.

“It’s the concept of both the good parts and the bad parts of a relationship. Unlike the other songs, which only focus on either the good or the bad, the title track encompasses intertwines the good and the bad into one complete message.”

Austin Payne

This album brings out an underlying theme of relationships, highlighting the progressions and movements in these, taking the listener on a joy ride full of highs and lows.

“Each song I write comes from a different source of inspiration, I find that my most honest songs are my best. I generally don’t go out of my way to share my feelings with others. So, I cope with that by pouring all of my emotions into a song.” 

Micah Willis

The passion is evident in the attention to detail the pair devoted to each track, each melody, each beat. The result is second to none.

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