MBG is the alternative rock project of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Leena Rodriguez. In the recording studio, Leena writes, produces, records and performs all of the project’s music. With two singles out now and a possible EP release in the future, MBG hopes to break out in the Toronto indie rock scene going against the grain of heavily dominated boy bands in the genre of rock with her own loud, edgy and unique sound. 

MBG’s new single, “Go O.U.T.,” is the heaviest track written so far in Leena’s career. What started out as a jingle to film a little quarantine lookbook (since retail therapy has been her coping mechanism) turned into a tune that expresses the anger and frustration of the state of the world and how Canada is handling the situation so far in 2021. 

Leena Rodriguez

Under the name of an Alt Rock recording project, Leena is a multi-instrumentalist that writes, records, performs and has very recently produce her own music in her bedroom studio. new in the songwriting game, she has explored in between the genres of classic/punk rock and blues to folk and jazz. 

Her debut EP will reflect on her bridging in between those genres but over the past year, she has solidified her sound and has gone back to what got her to pick up the guitar in the first place; being a one-woman rock band.

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