Love this tune, video is spectacular. It’s a bit of a dreamscape, watercolor wash of emotion. Really cool sound, fuzzy guitar, shoegaze for the modernist. Andrea’s vocals are so soft and warm, like a gramma knit cardigan on a frosty autumn morning.

Dead Rituals is an alternative rock band founded by .

Over the past 15 years, he has been traveling and writing music with various bands and collaborators. This new project stems from sessions recorded in New York City, Melbourne, and Naples, amidst significant life changes.

Dead Rituals new single closer on

The bustle of downtown . A remote beach town on the Pacific coast. Historic alleys and hidden pathways in the heart of the . Each place affected the songs, and each track explores different ideas, held together by the personal lyrics.

The four songs on Dead Rituals’ debut EP capture the immediacy of and alternative music. They also incorporate the textures of new-wave, noise, and shoegaze. Lead single “Closer” is a jangly tune with and indie rock influences. The video is an original a hand-drawn animation from UK-based artist , who created a visual story based on the song’s lyrics.

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