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All In It by Essy

Synth Waves and Rock Echoes: 'All In It' by Essy Marries Euphoria with Introspection

With the release of “All In It” on January 26, 2024, Essy cements her place in the vibrant landscape of synthpop and indie pop, with a notable pop-rock flair. This track, brought to life by Roar Monster Records, exudes an electrifying energy that’s both infectious and reflective, embodying a unique blend of moods—energetic, happy, yet moody. Drawing influence from Sam Fender, Essy delivers a synthpop-rock banger that resonates with a broad spectrum of listeners.

“All In It” kicks off with an irresistible synth melody that sets the stage for what’s to come—a dynamic fusion of genres that both energizes and emotes. Essy’s mastery in crafting catchy hooks is evident from the get-go, as the track unfolds into an anthem of joyous rebellion against the moody backdrop of everyday life. The song’s production is polished, with layers of synths, guitars, and pulsating beats creating a rich, textured sound that’s both contemporary and nostalgic.

What sets “All In It” apart is Essy’s vocal delivery. Her voice, both powerful and emotive, navigates the complexities of the song’s themes with ease, making listeners feel every high and low along the journey. The track’s lyrical content, while maintaining an upbeat disposition, doesn’t shy away from exploring deeper, more introspective moments, showcasing Essy’s songwriting prowess.

The influence of Sam Fender is palpable not just in the rock elements of the song, but also in its earnest storytelling and the way it captures the zeitgeist of a generation looking for meaning in a tumultuous world. Yet, Essy makes this sound her own, blending her influences into a unique sonic experience that’s both familiar and fresh.

Essy’s background, having written for artists on major labels like Atlantic Records, Interscope, Sony UK, and Warner UK, speaks to her versatility and depth as an artist. “All In It” feels like a culmination of her experiences and influences, a track that’s not just meant to be heard but felt, inviting listeners to dive into the nuances of its composition. It’s a song that fits perfectly within the realms of synthpop and indie pop but stands out for its raw energy and the sincerity of its execution.