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Back to the Start by Wiretree

Wiretree (pseudonym for American musician Kevin Peroni) just released Back to the Start, one of five singles from the new album Careless Creatures released September 4, 2020. Alternative rock in genre, the track brings us driving but subdued guitar lines sprinkled with the texturized garnishes of synth and electronic effects. Peroni’s smooth, appealing vocals carry us softly, unpretentiously through the verses and then take flight emotively into the chorus, inviting us into a feeling of turbulent hopefulness. And all of this expertly recorded in a home studio.

Back to the Start is a song for all of us–expressing troubles in a relationship, and yet seeing in the distance that light at the end of the tunnel. 


Making its way through the trees,


Seems to glow upon the leaves,

I took a chance 

And I found myself again,

Went back to the place

Where I thought you had been.