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Bliss Nova

Blind (feat. Erika Spring) by Bliss Nova

This track features silky-smooth BGVs from Cascine artist Erika Spring (Au Revoir Simone).

The groove is stellar, so much passion. Great track. The tune is so vintage, great hooks and breakdown reminiscent of M83 or other contemporaries.

A seductive state of Bliss Nova is spreading. Witnesses to this modern wonder have reported swathes of pop-driven synthonies infiltrating Ohio’s DIY party circuit while technicolor funk grooves and stirring hooks of psychedelic electronica bleed from a Toledo city basement. Those responsible? Two brothers, Joel and Daniel Trzcinski, set to ease the world’s tension through their own cosmic philosophy — to move the masses and dance with the devil’s advocate.

Their new album, Going Places (slated for a fall 2019 release), builds upon the brothers’ knack for dreamy introspection and sensuous ambiguity with regards to life and love, but takes things further with an exploration into existential adulting. Offering a ‘third stage’ perspective like that suggested by Paul Ricœur’s second naïveté, the record’s narrative arc speaks of romantic fatalism — or fatalistic romanticism — trying to enjoy life’s impossible process and find happiness in endless struggle, drawing upon Albert Camus’s The Myth of Sisyphus. 

With the new-age aesthetic of Brian Eno and Gondry-esque surrealism, the album’s ethereal splendor marks the freshest findings of Bliss Nova’s sonic evolution. Late ’70s grooves grind against hints of early ’80s electro funk and cosmic jazz. Timbres and textures of ’80s ambient soundscapes and ’90s electronica merge with ’00s neo soul and r&b. A supernova of samples, field recordings, lush percussion, and catchy pentatonic tropes shimmer on the surface, with murkier depths and humor underneath.

Bliss Nova’s musical awakening won’t stay secret for long. They’ve already racked up over 60 million YouTube views from their debut EP Do You Feel. The Alternative selected it as one of the best EPs of that year, lauding Bliss Nova as one of the top promising acts from the rising Midwest scene. Not bad for a self-managed duo, opting to do it themselves, from sourcing artwork to plotting tours. The Trzcinski brothers’ Bliss Nova philosophy truly is Going Places and moving a swelling congregation of their own followers in the process.

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