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Catnip For Cupid by The Persian Leaps

“I’ve been a comic book fan since I was a kid. The phrase “catnip for cupid” actually came from the TV show, Arrow. Team Arrow was fighting a villain-of-the-week named Cupid. They needed some irresistible bait to catch her–some “catnip for Cupid.” I loved the phrase and immediately wrote this song, the premise of which is that we’re all toys that Cupid can’t resist playing with–often too roughly. I don’t necessarily think that’s true, but I like the way it came together.”

Drew Forsberg

“The Persian Leaps” began as a phrase singer/guitarist Drew Forsberg doodled in a notebook margin during a college Greek Archaeology course. He wrote music independently under that name for years, until finally assembling a full band in 2012 to perform and record driving, chiming music influenced by The Smiths, Guided by Voices, and Teenage Fanclub.

The name “The Persian Leaps” came to Drew Forsberg in a daydream during a college Greek Archaeology class. That phrase was the first spark that would lead to the formation of The Persian Leaps in 2012 by frontman and guitarist Forsberg. Since then, TPL has delivered power-pop earworms with a midwestern charm every fall, starting with 5 EPs and capped by an 18-track anthology LP Pop Goes Crunch in 2018.