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Cheap Silver Lining featuring Luke Sital-Singh by LULLANAS

Music has been a constant in the lives of LULLANAS since their childhood. Growing up in Pennsylvania, their parents’ diverse musical tastes shaped their own love for music. Instead of watching television or snacking, the twins would sing along to the lyrics of their favorite artists, like Celine Dion, Paramore, and Michelle Branch. Before leaving for college, Nishita’s father gifted her a guitar, which opened up a new world of musical possibilities for the sisters. After interning in the fashion and music industries, they started formally writing music together. The transition to New York City was intimidating for the sisters, but it was during this time that they discovered their musical abilities. Nishita’s guitar playing and Atisha’s singing culminated in the creation of their first song, marking the beginning of a dream they never knew they had.

The song “Cheap Silver Lining” featuring Luke Sital-Singh is a beautifully crafted piece of music that showcases the unique musical identity of the twin sisters LULLANAS. Their combination of Americana warmth, folk eloquence, and country storytelling creates a delicate and diaristic style that sets them apart. The addition of Luke Sital-Singh adds an extra layer of depth to the song, and the twins’ individuality only serves to accentuate the overall dynamic of the track. The song is a standout on their debut EP, Before Everything Got Real [Nettwerk], and is a testament to the inimitable and familial balance that the duo brings to their music.