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Miami producer Roger Del Pino has created lush textures and a symphonic romance that isn’t to be trifled with. The new track “Come Home” has a definite calling for brevity and a distinct backbeat that transitions the listener out of their chaos and back into the comfort of home.

Monterrey is an electronic music project by Miami-based artist/producer, Roger Del Pino. The name “Monterrey” came to Del Pino after seeing the image of the Mexican city while browsing travel magazines. The bedroom project debuted in 2015 with a series of music videos he wrote and produced in collaboration with other local South Florida talent. Over the years, Monterrey would play a series of solo performances around Miami eventually enlisting the help of local musicians David Hidalgo, Aldo Canals and Renzo Zanatta revamping the project into a 4-piece band. The band released their debut EP, Neon, in 2016 showcasing their 80’s synthpop tendencies with a glitzy music video to accompany the release. It wasn’t until their second follow-up EP, Elapse, was released in 2018 that they began cultivating a wider spectrum of electronic influences into their music. The lead single Make Me Feel features Del Pino’s vocals looping the song’s title while lush, arpeggiated synthesizers paint a story of a computer’s yearning to become more human. In 2019, Monterrey was selected Miami New Times’ Best Electronica Act.