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Jordan Armstrong’s New Single “Dual” Is a Hauntingly Beautiful Breakup Anthem
Jordan Armstrong’s newest single, “Dual,” is the first from her upcoming album of the same name. “Dual” showcases Armstrong’s range in this new indie-pop breakup album. Combining elements of dance-pop and ballads, while maintaining a steady throughline of soft, dreamy harmonies, the track puts forth a hauntingly beautiful ode to heartbreak and confusion that will leave you wanting more. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Dual so special.

In “Dual,” Armstrong’s clear, 80’s ‘esque vocal cuts through the keys like glass. The song is an intimate reflection on heartache and loss that speaks to anyone who has ever gone through a breakup. As she sings about contradictory feelings of love and hurt, Armstrong shows off her vocal talent and versatility between genres with this unique blend of pop and alternative influences.

The lyrics of this single are particularly noteworthy for their thoughtfulness and poignancy. Armstrong captures the conflicting emotions felt after a breakup perfectly.

“If I never would have waited for you; like I never should have waited; and I never would have waited at all”

Delivered with such feeling, these words provide all the things we wish we could have said during our own breakups with satisfying finality. Her words carry weight and evoke emotion as they tackle themes of moving on from someone who was once loved so deeply.

Armstrong delivers an emotional catharsis for anyone who has ever been through a tough breakup – or just loves good music! Be sure to check out Dual when it drops on November 18th! You won’t regret it!