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Out of Montreal’s roots music scene comes The Luckies. From dirty twisters, old time country and rockabilly to swampy Americana folk songs, The Luckies are a band that play every note like it’s their last. The Luckies’ telltale sound is founded upon twin guitars, pulsing horns, pedal steel swells, gurgling Hammond leads, and sweet vocal counterpoints. Vocalist Kelsey Roy channels both the raw energy and genteel charm of fifities legends Wanda Jackson and Lorrie Collins, delivering her own style of alternative country and Americana. Roy is backed by an impressive lineup of veteran Montreal music scene players.

Steinbeck inspired, East of Eden, meets the band head on as Roy brings Cathy/Kate back to life with this testimonial from arguably the most wonderful villains in print. The band employs the help of Jager’s grinding Hammond and Joyal’s drifting pedal steel

swells sitting under the relentless dual guitar attack from Denoncourt and Rodriguez ending in gurgles and dying tape echo feedback.