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Melbourne band Furlong have ripped a page out of their personal journal and are sending it public with a new single “Eloquently”. A song that pulls the attitude from their heavily grunge-influenced hearts and drags it right into modern times with hard-hitting arrangements and unflinching lyrics.


“Eloquently” gradually unravels itself to expose the song’s underlying theme. A story of a one-sided relationship, with the storyteller willingly feeding the ego of the person they lust after. Knowing in their heart of hearts they are just being kept around because the person they’re fixated on just likes the attention. It’s a need to have the truth be told, to have it told straight to your face, to have it put eloquently.

Although the sound of their songs has roots in the ’90s alternative rock aesthetic, it’s safe to say that Furlong is not only a nostalgia act. The energy featured within their recordings is palpable. From effortlessly charismatic vocals, to raw guitar tones, to that drum and bass combo that feels like a punch to the chest. With these guys, anything goes.