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Estrada’s Debut EP ‘Public Secret’: A Captivating Journey into #Foogaze Bliss


Estrada’s debut EP, “Public Secret,” is a mesmerizing blend of new-age shoegaze sounds infused with the artist’s signature #foogaze touch, showcasing a captivating journey through emotions of nostalgia, comfort, and hopefulness. With six tracks that seamlessly merge previously released viral classics with fresh offerings, Estrada’s EP has been well worth the anticipation.

One of the standout tracks, “Floating,” immediately transports listeners to an ethereal realm where life feels like an oceanic voyage, the vast unknown stretching endlessly before them. The song’s dreamy, glistening guitar tones and heavy drum presence evoke a sense of floating amidst darkness, unsure of what lies ahead but remaining hopeful for the first glimmer of dawn. Estrada’s mastery of crafting euphoric #foogaze experiences shines through once again, capturing the essence of the shoegaze genre’s delicate and ambient sounds with precision.

Beyond the captivating music, Estrada’s unique journey and online presence add depth and meaning to the EP. Having grown an online community that embraces traditionally under-represented fans of Indie/Shoegaze/Dark Wave music, Estrada has become a torchbearer for the genre’s newfound popularity among Gen Z on platforms like TikTok. As a Latin artist who fell in love with this music and struggled to find a place for discovery and conversation, Estrada’s influence in introducing a new generation to #foogaze is both commendable and essential.

“Public Secret” as a whole demonstrates Estrada’s prowess as a musician and songwriter, effectively immersing listeners in a soundscape that resonates with emotion and leaves them longing for more. By combining elements of his past successes with fresh, innovative approaches, Estrada delivers an EP that stands out as a promising and memorable debut.

“Public Secret” is a testament to Estrada’s talent and potential within the shoegaze genre. With its captivating tracks and poignant themes, this EP offers a stirring musical experience that connects with listeners on a profound level. As Estrada continues to evolve his unique #foogaze sound, it will be thrilling to witness the impact he makes on the music industry and the community he has built around his passion. This EP is undoubtedly a must-listen for anyone seeking a captivating journey through the dreamy and evocative realm of shoegaze music.