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Far Out Summer by Hollow Graves

This Toronto Ontario, Canada indie-rock band has a brilliant delivery and eclectic sound. The band is known for the energy of their live performance, Hollow Graves keeps us in tow with a new single, Far Out Summer, that showcases the energetic percussion and new wave guitar rock style.

Produced by long-time friend Logan Trearty, Far Out Summer has more of a psych-rock approach that draws comparisons to a slightly more spacey Tame Impala, with careening distant vocals and surf-rock guitar voicings. There is a latent heavy undertone that I absolutely adore, this dark grunginess that seems to haunt the entire tune.

I can’t help think of the band Sianspheric, another Ontario band from years past that also had a similar brooding – spacey guitar tone. This tune was recorded at Royal Mountain Records studio and mixed by the heralded Alex Bonenfant, who’s worked with Alexisonfire, METZ, and July Talk, at Dream House Studios.