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Destroyer by Black Mountain on IMR

Future Shade by Black Mountain

Black Mountain harnesses some thick nasty on this new track, Future Shade.

I’ve been a huge fan of Black Mountain since an odd encounter at a local venue a couple years ago. Touted as being a psychedelic rock band, Black Mountain originated in Vancouver, Canada by Stephen McBean, Amber Webber, Matt Camirand, Jeremy Schmidt and Joshua Wells.  The band will feature a few new members this time out, including Rachel Fannan (from Sleepy Sun).

The real gift from this group is their live show, straight up power rock, not tricks just loud and really quite good. I can hardly wait to hear this tune in there set list.

The band has planned to release their new album, Destroyer, on May 24th, through Dine Alone Records. Produced by John Congleton, Destroyer will undoubtedly be the strongest effort to date, and as featured on this single, This song is high energy rock, very Sabbath, vintage 70’s guitar rock with some subtle pop inspired keys thrown into the mix.