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Gasoline by Heavenward

Heavenward’s latest single “Gasoline” is a compelling introduction to their upcoming album Pyrophonics. The lead singer Kamtin Mohager’s writing process for this album was an outwardly therapeutic experience. The song showcases noise, feeling, and aggression through words of destruction and reflection. The lyrics speak about personal struggles and accepting the darkness within oneself. This theme is reflected in the title of the album Pyrophonics which Mohager describes as a destructive language for oneself.

“Gasoline” starts with the opening line “Can’t make sense of certain things inside my head” which sets the tone for the rest of the song. The lyrics are about finding comfort in mortality and embracing one’s demons. The shimmering guitars blend with Mohager’s lamenting vocals, building into an electrifying climax. The melody and arrangements are heavily focused on, making the song a well-crafted piece.

Heavenward’s music combines alternative rock with moments of shoegaze and dark pop. The band takes a poppier approach, pulling from influences like Catherine Wheel and Year Of The Rabbit. It’s refreshing to see a band that is not afraid to experiment with different sounds. Mohager wrote and performed nearly the entirety of the album himself, collaborating with Marshall Gallagher, Austin Hayman, and Mike Robinson for additional guitar and drum work.

“Gasoline” is the lead single of Heavenward’s upcoming album Pyrophonics. The album has a total of ten songs that explore personal struggles and embracing one’s demons. Mohager’s vision is reflected in every song, and the album showcases the band’s full potential. The production, engineering, mixing, and mastering were all done by Zach Tuch, making the album a well-polished piece of work.

Heavenward’s music provides a fresh sound and perspective that makes Pyrophonics one of the most exciting upcoming releases in the world of alternative rock. The band is not afraid to explore different sounds and themes, making their music unique and interesting. “Gasoline” is a compelling introduction to the album, showcasing the band’s ability to craft well-written songs with heavy emphasis on melody and arrangements. Overall, “Gasoline” is a great song and a promising start to Heavenward’s upcoming album.