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Gecko by Covey

sensible pop rock on the rise. Thank you Tom Freeman.

Upbeat pop sound, with a resonating guitar twang. I personally love the “Tele” rock sound, and this is a great track, feels energetic from the start and has really drawn me into his other work.  Ultimately that is what a single should do.  Now I sit nearing the edge of my seat looking for the full length that will hopefully come out April 17th.  There are subtle hints of the Cure, some Hazel English, a very Morrissey vibe overall.  This tune carries much more of a Dream Pop sound, minus the heavy synth.  The layers of guitar are thick and rolling. Ultimately this is a great tune and I can’t wait for more.

By the way Tom is a fantastic artist; creating custom designed tapes of original characters for each of his albums.  The new album has 50 of each of the 5 characters.  Ahhhh… must get one now!!!!