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GROW ( i still miss u tbh ) by WEIRDO featuring IYES

Weirdo has a dynamic and sweet approach to songwriting that procludes the ambience and definition in this latest track, Grow. I love the narrative this songwriter plays into with the human connection and disconnect that happens as we grow.

I wrote the initial idea for Grow in 2018. It’s an ode to my old best friend who I dearly miss. We had sadly drifted apart.


The artist is truly at home with DIY recording and creating atmosphere and a punchy beat, incorporating vintage synths, and recording samples to tape and other obscure instrumentation. The ultimate sound is full, engaging, and brightly colored.

I’m also excited by WEIRDO’s melodic sensibility and his innate grasp of tone and presence. This track is a great example of that sweet spot, the perfect combination of tone and melody, infused into an electronic pop style that delivers in its accessible and driving effect.

With this track, I made the creative decision to change the way I think about my music production and its sound: I feel there’s so much more energy when things are raw and DIY. There’s a method in the madness: turn things up too much, do not use ANY auto tune on the vocals, saturate shit, leave certain sounds to have natural character and definitely leave in all the imperfections…