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I Can Always Picture You by Luthersson

Submerge Yourself in a Sonic Deluge of Memory and Desire

In the vast expanse of indie music, it’s rare to stumble upon a track that feels like a journey through the heart’s deepest corridors and back. Luthersson’s latest single, “I Can Always Picture You,” achieves just that—a melodious odyssey that mirrors the tranquility and turmoil of rain. With this track, Luthersson, the enigmatic multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer hailing from the chilly vistas of Reykjavik, Iceland, now making waves in the sunny sprawl of Los Angeles, embarks on a daring new chapter in his career.

Delving into “I Can Always Picture You,” listeners are greeted with a meticulous melodic journey underscored by a volcanic Scandinavian minimalist soundscape, a hallmark of Luthersson’s unique style. The song’s dual release in both English and Icelandic (“Sé þig alltaf fyrir mér”) is a testament to the artist’s commitment to his roots and his global vision. This choice enriches the track’s emotional resonance, offering listeners a bridge across cultures through the universal language of music.

Luthersson’s ambition was to craft a song that transcended conventional pop boundaries, both melodically and in its soundscape. The instruments in the track are designed to evoke the sensation of rain—each note and beat falling like water droplets, converging into a deluge of sound that envelops the listener. It’s a powerful metaphor for the memories of past love the lyrics explore, with Luthersson’s vocals seamlessly blending with the production to paint a vivid picture of longing and reflection.

Drawing comparisons to the likes of James Blake, Sampha, Mount Kimbie, and Jai Paul, “I Can Always Picture You” stands out for its emotional depth and experimental edge. It’s a track that’s as sad as it is sexy, wrapping listeners in a soundscape that’s daringly experimental. The song’s release on March 15, 2024, marks a significant moment in Luthersson’s career, showcasing his evolution as an artist and his ability to touch the hearts of listeners across the globe.

For fans and newcomers alike, Luthersson’s invitation to explore his digital kit for more insights into his creative process is a golden opportunity to connect more deeply with his work. His dedication to supporting independent artists and his pride in this project shine through, making “I Can Always Picture You” a milestone in indie electronic and alt-pop music.