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I Couldn’t Trust by R. F. Coleman

The natural groove and sense of pace in the funky ballad by R.F. Coleman is sublime. There is a natural awkwardness that fills in the gaps and arranges an altogether lovely piece of music. Not dislike the great jongleur Beck, R.F. Coleman spars with greatness in delivering such a palatial riff.

R.F. comes to us writing with contemporary, Joshua Moriarty of Miami Horror fame. The track is such a joyride that elevates much of the experienced R.F. Coleman, through his turbulent and expressive history.

“I Couldn’t Trust” is his debut as a solo musician, but not as an ‘artist’. As a writer for the New York Times and Guardian, R. F. Coleman has been shot, stabbed, poisoned with cyanide and put a hit out on himself. He’s photographed for Canon and directed award-winning short films on five continents.