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Isn’t It Love by LINEBUG

With airy vocals, hand-drawn animations and indie-pop melodies, the new Danish duo LINEBUG builds their distinct audio/visual universe. The duo consists of the singer and songwriter Line Bøgh and the digital artist Christian Gundtoft.

On September 13th, LINEBUG releases their debut single “Isn’t It Love”, which is about the all-encompassing anger that you can only feel towards the one you love the most.

It’s a song about the frustrations that can suddenly make you doubt a relationship and reconsider everything,” Line Bøgh says about the song.

In the video, we follow Christian’s line drawing two people who alternately split and unite across a canvas. The video is a taste of the duo’s atmospheric live show, where drawings and animations are projected onto the stage and Line becomes “part of the piece”. The songs’ stories are being told through Christian’s visual universe, and the mixture of music and drawings create a captivating form of storytelling that has impressed audiences in both Germany and Denmark.

Linebug has since 2017 traveled with their equipment by train through Germany and has completed long DIY tours all over the country. They have played in living rooms, at festivals, and lots of underground scenes and semi-official cultural houses, where dedicated local audiences have discovered the Danish duo. LINEBUG have developed their special concept to perfection and are now finally ready to send out their first song.