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hazel mei featured on IMR

It Is(n’t) Real by Hazel Mei

Hazel Mei is embracing the rich tapestry that is modern music, creating her own sound filled with poetic lyrics, moody tones and a jazzy twist. From the flowering streets of Brisbane, Australia, this eclectic soul will whisk you away with her charming quirks and captivating performance.

The sweet mastery of The Beatles and Norah Jones swept her off her feet and behind a piano at a very young age. Her passion for music has only grown since then, and when songwriting appeared on the horizon, there was no turning back.​

2019 has been all about crafting and perfecting the next release. Songwriting, producing, recording, planning; the process is all encompassing for Hazel Mei. On the live scene she, along with her multi-instrumentalist band share carefully perfected arrangements, crafted as the bedding for her seductively smoky vocal performance. Her show is captivating and highly reviewed.​

In February 2018 we had a taste of the young songstress’ softer side with her debut single “Put That Bottle Down”. The song received a glowing response, with reviewers describing it as a “Silky-smooth ray of sunshine” (Blank GC). Brisbane Playlist even referred to her as “Brisbane’s very own Birdie.” The beautifully lyrical song is also accompanied by an equally ethereal music video.​

Hazel Mei’s take on modern music and enchanting presence will leave her name dancing on your lips for many years to come.

About the Song: It Is(n’t) Real is an introspective song about the impact and power your mind has over your life. When I wrote the song I was feeling very vulnerable and out of place despite the exciting things happening around me. My own insecurities were constantly getting in the way of the new experiences that were right at my fingertips as an 18 year old.  I was constantly battling with being unsure whether the positive things that were happening were even real, or just a figment of my imagination. In the end, it turns out my insecure thoughts were (and continue to be) the real frauds. The lyrics are written from the hopeful side of myself as I prepared to take on the next chapter with more confidence, whilst romanticising the new relationships and experiences that awaited me