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L’appel du Vide by Glen Echo

We love this newly released song from Glen Echo (Los Angeles artist Camden Moser) entitled L’appel du Vide-literally meaning “The Call of the Void”. Camden creates a contemplative, slightly melancholic ambient backdrop for dreamy, lilting, almost hypnotic vocal lines as they tell the story of a returned depression and the subsequent pursuit of a more fulfilling life in the return to his identity and expression as a visual artist and musician. 

Soft, expressive acoustic lines move fluidly from finger plucked softness to the warm hum of drawn out chords. The atmospheric electronic backdrop evokes subtle hints of psychedelic flavor, further pulling the listener into a deep internal world of emotion and contemplation. Combined with a warm and moving bassline and the earthiness of the acoustic guitar, the effect is goosebumps on the skin and the need to hit “continuous play.” 

L’appel du Vide is the debut single from Glen Echo’s newest five song EP, GLAMBIEN released in fall of 2020.