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Lust For Lies by The New Division

A Synthwave Siren Call to the Neon-Drenched Nights

Diving into “Lust For Lies,” the latest track from The New Division, feels like plunging into the heart of a neon-lit cityscape where the energy of the 80s meets the complexities of the modern era. John Kunkel, the mastermind behind The New Division, continues to defy the ordinary, blending nostalgic synth sounds with contemporary lyrical storytelling. Released just six days ago, this tune is a brilliant example of how synthwave can still pulse with fresh vitality.

“Lust For Lies” thrives on its vibrant synth lines and a driving beat that transports you straight to the energetic nights reminiscent of a John Hughes soundtrack but with a twist that’s decidedly 2024. The song’s energy is undeniable, a perfect blend of upbeat rhythms and introspective moments that mirror the dualities of escapism and reality—a theme Kunkel expertly navigates through his music. It’s a track that not only makes you want to dance but also makes you think, reflecting The New Division’s knack for crafting songs that resonate on multiple levels.

Listeners who appreciate the stylistic echoes of The Chain Gang Of 1974, The Midnight, and W O L F C L U B will find “Lust For Lies” both familiar and refreshing. The New Division’s homage to the synth-pop pioneers like New Order and Depeche Mode is palpable, yet there’s a modern edge to the production that speaks to the newer waves of synth enthusiasts.

As Kunkel continues to evolve, so does his music. The track’s thematic depth and sonic layers suggest a maturing artist who still loves to explore the darker corners of the electronic landscape. The energy of “Lust For Lies” is a testament to Kunkel’s unwavering passion for the genre—proving that even as life changes, the drive to create compelling music remains constant.

“Lust For Lies” is a gateway to the larger universe of The New Division. For those new to his music, diving into his back catalog, like the acclaimed album Modern Life, or catching up on his earlier work with Shadows, offers a rich journey through the evolution of synthwave and electronic music.