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Moonstone by Parlour Magic

Luc Bokor-Smith has an amazing ability to create softness, an intimate pulse that touches the creative. I hear growing warmth in Moonstone, an ambient synth laid track that showcases the melody and songwriting prowess of this NYC producer, media-artist, and composer.

The elements are organic, vintage remnants, and analog shapes that Luc uses to compose his work. Vocally Luc has a melancholic, subdued sound. There is an honesty in the lyric, a simplicity that plays well with slightly affected delivery. I love the pace of this track, the gentle movements, and slight shifts in tone and melody.

I am really looking forward to listening to the rest of the new album, The Fluid Neon Origami Trick. The album is inspiring to be sure, from a poetic side as well as his choice of instrumentation, being primarily vintage analogue synths. This lineup includes (but is not limited to) the fabled Yamaha CS-80, Oberheim OB-XA, Roland Juno-60, and the Eminent Solina String Ensemble.