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Peace Of Mind by Alexdrake.

Alexdrake. the rocker from Jersey has set up shop in L.A. and is making some waves. “Peace of Mind” is a brilliant, pop-punk ballad that features his long-time friend AJ Perdomo from “The Dangerous Summer.”

The beginnings of Alex’s sound came from years of Americana, folk, and rock roots that surrounded him in his childhood. Mix that in with some disco and R&B and you’ve got a little cocktail that has hair on it. This offering albeit inspired by so much more than himself is a vision of what is now and what is to come from this burgeoning songsmith.

His vocal is tight and emotional, drawing clear comparisons with Blink, Fall Out Boy, and other emo-rock/pop-punk bands from the early 2000s. There is a careening honesty and a raised middle finger showcased in his cadence that draws the listener in. The guitars have great energy, while the rhythm and backing section really completes this vigorous sound.