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Run Down by Steve Dennis

Steve Dennis’s song “Run Down” is a beautiful, soulful track that showcases the artist’s exceptional musical talent and storytelling abilities. From the very first note, it is clear that Steve pays close attention to detail, both in the instrumental arrangements and the lyrics.

Mixed by Jamie Mefford and mastered by David Glasser, the production quality of this song is top-notch. The guitar work is tasteful and well-balanced, while Steve’s vocals are smooth and soothing, drawing the listener in and keeping them engaged throughout the entire song.

The theme of “Run Down” is one that many people can relate to – witnessing someone they admire give up on themselves, with no control over the situation. Steve’s ability to convey this emotion through his lyrics is impressive, and it is clear that he puts a great deal of thought and care into the stories behind his songs.

With “Lighthouse Inn” released in 2021 and gaining traction in the Indie Folk scene, it’s no surprise that Steve Dennis is set to make waves in the music industry in 2023. Teaming up with industry veterans like Jamie Mefford and David Glasser, Steve is poised to make a significant impact with his music.

Overall, “Run Down” is a fantastic track that showcases Steve Dennis’s immense musical talent and artistry. If you are a fan of soulful, introspective folk music, this is a song you won’t want to miss.