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Send My Regards (ft. Madison Cunningham) by Anthony da Costa

da Costa has an enigmatic vocal that is very present and real. The honesty and longing are bubbling up to the surface on this new song, “Send My Regards.” I am fascinated with his constantly brilliant songwriting and vocal expression. I find his tone and cadence similar to that of Rufus Wainwright; and no doubt, as he is often compared to Rufus’s father, Louden Wainwright III. There is a maturity that is uncompromisable and this pushes his artistic sense to new heights with every release.

The song was written and recorded during our quarantine; as is so many songs being released these days. Anthony recruited support from members of the Dirty Projectors, Hayley Williams, The War on Drugs and more to wrap this up and put a bow on it. The result is a collab with some of the finest musicians on the planet.

When COVID-19 hit, suddenly, I was alone.

Anthony da Costa

The story goes that Anthony laid down the track on his computer in the evening and subsequently sent it to Madison Cunningham ( the female vocalist on the track) who loved it.

It can be a weird thing to get a text with a song idea that reads “I WROTE THIS WITH YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD…” Luckily, Maddi loved it and asked if she could write a second verse.

Anthony da Costa

I think the vocal pairing is sublime. The two seem to effortlessly balance each other. There is a playfulness and give-and-take that brings the listener into another world. It is simply beautiful.