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Stranger At The Door (ft. Misty Boyce) by Blue Canopy

Portland native and handler of the title Blue Canopy is Alex Schiff. Schiff has created a dream, the instrumental and moving backdrop to this cinematic track amplifies the moodiness of the piece, the subtle reflective pauses, and the softness of Misty’s vocal.

Misty hails as a backup vocalist and keyboardist for Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, and BØRNS. Her vocal was instantly inviting, sensual and lonely, a perfect dreamy combination that left shivers running down my spine.

The track is a melodic telling of the social anxieties faced during COVID, however, Schiff has taken this to another level with a more unique approach taken from his dog Banjo.

“Stranger At The Door is a song from my dog Banjo’s perspective. He’s been super anxious and paranoid since we moved to a new house. He’s especially worried that there is someone or something dangerous at the front door. Some of it, and the inspiration is from his perspective. I relate it later in the song to my own social anxieties that have escalated since COVID. I often don’t feel comfortable in my own skin, or without a mask, or around people in general.”