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The Runner by Anna Smyrk

Anna Smyrk’s “Runner” is an upbeat indie-pop track that showcases her powerful vocals and songwriting skills. The song is a testament to her collaboration with award-winning producers Jake Finch and Collin Pastore, who have helped elevate her sound to new heights. With catchy hooks and fiery lyrics, “Runner” captures the fearlessness of Anna’s music while exploring the vulnerability that comes with trying to overcome a fear of letting people get close.

Anna’s voice has been described as “truly astonishing” by Rolling Stone, and this is evident in “Runner,” where she effortlessly delivers the song’s anthemic lyrics. The track’s feel-good vibe is infectious, making you want to jump around and even go for a jog yourself. With her all-star band, which includes Alex Burkoy (Tinpan Orange), Holly Thomas (Quivers, Husky, Freya Josephine Hollick), and Loz Irwin Ray (Belly Savalas), Anna has toured widely throughout Australia, showcasing her exceptional talent as a singer and songwriter.

In addition to “Runner,” Anna has released other singles such as “I Don’t Want to Meet Your Mother,” which are lifted from her upcoming EP recorded in Nashville. Her music has been added to rotation on Double J and MTV, and she has received critical acclaim from music publications such as Backseat Mafia UK and Triple J.

One of the things that stands out about “Runner” is Anna Smyrk’s ability to blend vulnerability with a strong sense of empowerment. The lyrics touch on themes of self-sabotage, fear of intimacy, and the fight or flight instinct that can hinder personal relationships. But despite these introspective themes, the song’s upbeat tempo and catchy hooks provide a sense of optimism and hope, encouraging listeners to overcome their own fears and embrace the possibilities of love and connection.

Another noteworthy aspect of “Runner” is the production value. The track is filled with lush instrumentation, from the driving drumbeat and pulsing bassline to the shimmering guitar riffs and vibrant synths. The different elements come together to create a full, dynamic sound that perfectly complements Anna’s soaring vocals.

It’s also worth mentioning the impressive achievements that Anna Smyrk has accomplished in the past year. From touring North America and Europe to recording in Nashville with renowned producers, she has been making waves in the indie music scene both in Australia and internationally. Her talent has earned her recognition from prestigious publications such as Rolling Stone, and she has received mentoring from industry experts through the Women in Music mentoring program.

All in all, “Runner” is a fantastic addition to Anna Smyrk’s repertoire, showcasing her musical versatility, lyrical depth, and impressive vocals. It’s a feel-good indie-pop anthem with a message of self-empowerment that’s sure to resonate with listeners. With her upcoming EP and performances at prominent festivals, Anna is definitely an artist to watch in the coming months.

Overall, Anna Smyrk’s “Runner” is an excellent addition to her discography, showcasing her versatility as an artist while maintaining her signature style. With appearances at festivals such as Port Fairy Folk Festival and Picnic in the Paddock, Anna shows no signs of slowing down and is poised to continue making waves in the music industry.