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This Time by JunkBunny

Up and coming Houston-based rock band JunkBunny debuts their new EP Junk Rock today via LAVA Records/Republic Records

Crafting rock hooks with an emotive resonance beyond their years, the Montgomery County scrappy riff-rock trio JunkBunny—made up of Mac Johnson (lead vocals & guitar, 18), Cayden Diebold (vocals & bass, 17) and Jake Douglas (drums, 17)—made their major label debut before they could legally buy booze. JunkBunny draws from a deep well of experience and inspiration that stretches back to when frontman Mac and drummer Jake first hit it off in the third grade. Jake began playing drums when he was two years old and Mac was already a burgeoning guitarist. Jamming after school and kicking around band names at recess, the duo had already established an early incarnation of the group by the time they met bassist Cayden, a guitar player since the age of nine. Early sets were filled with a diverse group of covers, from Nirvana to Rage Against The Machine, showcasing raw nerve and vibe. By high school, the band proved themselves an unstoppable live force, selling out shows across Houston and eventually performing with legendary acts like ZZ Top, The Struts, Sammy Hagar and even Jon Bon Jovi. Entering the studio with Grammy Award-winning producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, P.O.D.), JunkBunny crafted their upcoming debut project. On the eve of their ascendency to a hard-earned wider audience, JunkBunny still burns with the same fire that emboldened them as elementary school kids falling in love with music.