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(I’ll Always Leave a Part of My Heart in) Colorado by The Fever Haze

A Haunting Echo from the Rockies

A Solemn Promise Wrapped in Layers of Dreamy Distortion

In their latest release, “(I’ll Always Leave a Part of My Heart in) Colorado,” The Fever Haze crafts an immersive soundscape that transcends the boundaries of shoegaze and dream pop. Released on February 22, 2024, this track marks the dawn of an eagerly anticipated LP set to captivate listeners on March 29, under the auspices of Graveface Records. Drawing inspiration from genre stalwarts like Slowdive, Ride, and My Bloody Valentine, The Fever Haze infuses their music with a moody, dark undertone that resonates with an ethereal quality, transporting listeners to the shadowy realms of the Colorado Rockies.

Evolution of Sound: From DIY Roots to Dreamy Peaks

The Fever Haze, originating in the early 2010s as Jackie Kalmink’s solo project, has metamorphosed through the decade into a collective symphony of nuanced soundscapes. The Grand Rapids, MI-based ensemble, featuring Eric Beck, Jim Versluis, Mike Greene, and Seth Beck, has meticulously woven a tapestry of loud guitars, pop sensibilities, and lyrical sincerity across their discography. The upcoming album, “Moonbow,” showcases a maturation into classic shoegaze and dream-pop territories, melded seamlessly with the band’s foundational fuzz textures and an expanded palette of synthesizers and drum machines. This evolution signifies not just a shift in sound but a deepening of the emotional and sonic breadth the band can traverse.

A Journey through the Heart of The Fever Haze

“(I’ll Always Leave a Part of My Heart in) Colorado” serves as a harbinger for the band’s latest artistic voyage, “Moonbow.” With Jackie Kalmink at the helm of production, engineering, and mixing, the single epitomizes the band’s journey towards a vulnerable, thoughtful, and exalted expression of music. Mastered by the esteemed TW Walsh, the track, and the forthcoming album, bear the hallmark of quality and depth that have become synonymous with the independent music scene’s most resonant works.

The Fever Haze: A Chronicle of Continual Reinvention

The Fever Haze’s trajectory from its 2014 debut, “I’ll Be in the Same Place You Left Me,” to the present reflects a relentless pursuit of musical innovation. After a brief hiatus and various individual projects, the band’s reunion for “An Apple on the Highest Branch” in 2022 marked a new chapter that melded folk influences with their classic sound. The addition of Seth Beck has further enriched their musical dialogue, leading to the creation of “Moonbow,” a testament to their growth and exploration as artists.