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Tides by PINES Featuring LUUNG

In a music landscape filled with tunes it takes something truly unique to stand out. PINES, a duo from Australia known for their captivating compositions has managed to carve out their own space in this genre. Their latest offering, “Tides” featuring LUUNG is a testament to their evolving narrative.

“Tides” seamlessly combines the harmonious styles of PINES and LUUNG. The track effortlessly blends the pulsating beats and deep bass that’re characteristic of PINES with LUUNGs delicate reverb soaked guitar and poignant melodies. This collaboration has resulted in a song that’s both energetic and reflective showcasing their understanding of electronic music.

The song begins with a haunting and melody that gradually builds into a captivating soundscape. The build up is meticulous and deliberate reflecting the attention to detail in the production values of both artists. The addition of orchestral elements, by PINES adds complexity and intrigue to the song making it a tune that warrants multiple listens as each time reveals new layers and emotions.

LUUNGs contribution brings forth an unfiltered honesty to “Tides”.His talent, for creating music that evolves and grows yet still captures moments shines through in this track. The collaborative effort has resulted in a captivating song that deeply connects with the listener on a level.

The lyrical aspect, while not the focus perfectly complements the arrangement. The words are poetic. Evoke a sense of longing and contemplation creating a contrast against the energetic beats.

Fans should eagerly anticipate the tour in February 2024 as witnessing the live performance of “Tides” is sure to be an awe inspiring experience. The way “Tides” transports listeners to a realm of joy and infinite possibilities showcases PINES and LUUNGs exceptional musical talent.

LUUNGs music is noticeably influenced by the Brisbane music scene, including artists like Akurei, Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Jack Grace. This influence can be heard in “Tides” where its organic and evolving sound resonates with an authenticity to find in electronic music.

“Tides” is more than a song; it’s an experience. It promises things from both PINES and LUUNG as individual artists and potentially as collaborators, in the future.
The future of music is truly captivating as it beautifully combines emotions, with technology to produce a sound that is both relatable and cutting edge.