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Treason by Couchboy

A Nostalgic Yet Fresh Take on Pop Punk and Alternative Rock

In the ever-evolving landscape of indie music, it’s a thrill to encounter an artist who can blend nostalgia with a fresh perspective. Couchboy, the brainchild of singer-songwriter David MacDonald from Amherst, MA, does just that with his latest release, “Treason.” Released on June 16, 2023, by Smudged Records, this track is a vibrant addition to the pop punk and alternative rock genres, reminiscent of iconic bands like Nirvana yet distinctly unique.

“Treason” is a power-packed song that harkens back to the sounds of ’90s grunge while infusing softer, retro jangle pop elements. MacDonald’s ability to craft dynamic and sometimes unpredictable music is on full display here. The song starts with an energetic riff, setting a rebellious and lively tone that persists throughout. The lyrics are thoughtful and introspective, exploring themes of betrayal and self-discovery, which resonate well with the angst and passion characteristic of the genre.

Since summer 2021, COUCHBOY has been shaping the indie music scene with releases that span various styles. Prior to “Treason,” the nostalgic indie tune “SUMMER” and the CD “Singles and What Nots” showcased MacDonald’s versatile songwriting. His inclusion in Holy Crap Records compilations like “Big Money” and “Ramones-esque” further cements his standing in the indie scene. This journey, culminating in the recent release of “SECOND CHANCES,” illustrates a trajectory marked by creative exploration and a deep understanding of musical influences.

What makes “Treason” and COUCHBOY’s music broadly appealing is the way MacDonald taps into the cultural zeitgeist. His music isn’t just a trip down memory lane; it’s a dialogue with contemporary themes and styles. This approach resonates particularly well with an audience that craves authenticity and connection in their music.

For fans looking to dive deeper, COUCHBOY’s presence is strong across various platforms. Whether it’s Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, MacDonald ensures his music is accessible and engaging. His website ( offers a more personal glimpse into his world.

In summary, “Treason” by COUCHBOY is a refreshing addition to the indie music scene. It’s a song that not only pays homage to the golden era of grunge and alternative rock but also carves its own identity. For fans of the genre and new listeners alike, this track is a must-listen.

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