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Trippin’ Over You by Cherry Blossom Kids

“Trippin’ Over You” is a true high-paced pop/rock banger with obvious retro references to the 90’s MTV era. Inspired by the sound and the catchy hooks from artists like Queens of the Stone Age and The Dandy Warhols, the song instantly makes you wanna dust of the old ghetto blaster and throw a party in your parent’s basement.

The song embraces the human desire for tripping out whether it’s a shameless consumption of quick fixes or perhaps the brutish release of primal desires. Could be an extrovert ride of sex, drugs, rock-n-roll and one-night stands – or even the introvert opposite: An individual and isolated trip of entertainment and fantasies in front of the computer screen.

We are super stoked to present our 2nd single to the audience! It has been an entertaining and playful experience to create this song and we really feel like it highlights both the pop/rock hybrid within our style but also our goal of displaying a universal desire most people can relate to,” the five-piece hailing from Copenhagen explains.