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Reflections by Deer Fang

Grappling with the Ghosts of Idealized Images

Released just a week ago under the dark skies of April 4th, 2024, “Reflections” by Deer Fang emerges as a powerful anthem set against the relentless assault of idealized media portrayals. This track is an explorative journey into the psyche of a society obsessed with perfection, crafted with the finesse of grunge, shoegaze, and alternative rock elements. The song’s deep, resonating textures are brought to life by the adept hands of producer Scotty Komer, known for his work with Boysnightout, Protest the Hero, and Silverstein, and mastered by the skilled Mike Kalajian, whose portfolio includes bands like New Found Glory and Thrice.

“Reflections” dives into the heart-wrenching turmoil of comparing oneself to the often unachievable standards flaunted in the media. Deer Fang encapsulates the constant battle between desire and disillusionment, creating a soundscape that mirrors the internal chaos of striving for an unattainable ideal. It’s a mirror held up to the distorted images we daily navigate, underscored by a haunting melody that emphasizes the gravity of its message.

Deer Fang, aligning with bands such as Teenage Wrist and Superheaven, not only harmonizes grunge’s raw edge with the ethereal drift of shoegaze but also injects a poignant narrative on self-acceptance into the veins of alternative rock. “Reflections” stands as a strong representation for those worn by the abrasive sands of societal expectations, urging an embrace of one’s true reflection, however flawed it may seem.

Produced at Farewell the Moon Studios, the track’s impeccable production quality is palpable. Komer’s engineering and mixing prowess, combined with Kalajian’s masterful mastering, ensure that every note carries the weight of its intended emotion, perfectly packaging pain and acceptance into a few minutes of compelling audio experience.