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This Swedish duo, Fredrik Forell, and singer Arvid Hällagård, have crafted an emphatic, and empathetic experience for their listeners. Utterly eclectic this tune creates a theme of passing and a sense of desperation that causes the listener to muse and pine-away on the utter misery left to ponder. Wow, that sounds so dark, however, the instrumentation and soul in the vocals are magical, and offer this window into another realm.

As vocalist, Arvid Hällagård moved through a divorce, the album took shape…

“a reflection of the emotions I’ve gone through and how I’m trying to move on. All the ache described in pictures and a cry for help. How you sometimes need something higher to hold your hand when it feels like your life is over.”

This eclectic track will leave you in wonder, it’s passionate and powerful. You better sit down for this.