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Aftertaste by the Academic

I love this new track from the Academic. Fantastic chorus, a singalong style that drives and drives. Slight electronics whisper across a tepid rhythm. Vocally this is a hit, fantastic hooks, and great balance.

Following the release of their debut album last year, Irish quartet The Academic have spent the best part of the last 18 months touring across Europe and the US. Since their recent return they have been busy writing and recording their new album, due for release in early 2020. Glorious new single ‘Aftertaste’ is a confidently bouncing 80’s influenced indie-pop track that builds on the commercial and critical success of their gold-selling debut album ‘Tales From The Backseat’, that was BBC Radio 1’s ‘Album of the Week’.

When it came to ‘Aftertaste’ it was a lot different to how we worked before. From a production standpoint we were a lot more involved. Sometimes there is a preconceived notion out there that if you are a guitar band, you should be in a particular lane. Our mindset when writing is less defined by what the stereotype of an indie band should sound like and be more about letting our songs be the best they can be.”

Craig Fitzgerald, frontman