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Course of Life by Silona

Course of Life is Silona’s confession of a violent and emotional abusive relationship that ended up influencing her creation as an artist, loyal to her own life. 

The friction between her life story and her melancholic vocals to the electronic colorful orchestra, paints a clear picture of a dream world vs. a reality.

Silona is an indie / dreampop / folk singer songwriter from Tel Aviv, Israel.

“Silona” in Hebrew means a water jet, something extremely powerful – like a geyser. just as rare as the natural phenomenon, to name your child with this name is quite unordinary in the Hebrew language. Not a day goes by without getting asked about my name, where I am from and what on earth my parents’ thoughts were when they named me such a bizarre name as Silona. I lived my entire life not belonging to any place. I am an eternal foreigner in every frame of land I lay grounds on. When the right conditions in nature meet, a geyser bursts into the air and discharge turbulent steam and water. When Silona sings a geyser bursts out from within her. Though her vocals are soft, soulful and airy, they shoot fierce right into her listener’s emotions.