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Inner Dynamics by Theodore

Beautiful atmospheric and original works that cross the border of pop music and cinematic masterpiece.

Theodore’s sound is intense. The Greek, multi-instrumentalist paints symphonic works of art, incorporating classical and electronic elements in his compositions.

Inner Dynamics, Released in November 2018, was recorded in a number of different studios across Europe, including Clouds Hill (Hamburg), Katara Studios (Doha), Black Rock Studio (Santorini). The album was produced by Vagelis Moschos and mastered at Soundgarden (Franz Ferdinand, Gossip) in Hamburg.  The album is tight, I am in another world listening to these tracks. I find many similarities to production qualities found in Peter Gabriel albums of the past. This album is special.

Theodore has performed across Europe and the Americas promoting the album while combining his influences; Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd, the National, Arcade Fire & Radiohead into his atmospheric and cinematic sound.

The albums songs are vast, space-filled tracks with lush hooks and beautiful melancholy. This is more of a work of art than many albums I have heard, striking very real similarities to the later Radiohead works. Fans will not be disappointed.

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