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Amistat – A Moment in the Sun: A Beacon of Authenticity and Raw Emotion

Unveiling the Essence of Human Experience Through Melody


Brought to you by A Moment in the Sun (EP) by Amistat

In the ever-evolving landscape of indie music, few stories capture the essence of modern-day success quite like that of Amistat. The twin duo, renowned for their deeply emotive soundscapes and intimate storytelling, have recently found themselves at the center of viral acclaim. This comes on the heels of their hauntingly beautiful cover of Lord Huron’s “The Night We Met,” which has garnered millions of views and likes across Instagram and TikTok. Amidst this newfound fame, Amistat is set to release their eagerly anticipated EP, a moment in the sun, on March 8, 2024.

Viral Success and Its Impacts

The EP arrives at a pivotal moment for Amistat, propelled by their unexpected viral success. The duo’s cover not only showcased their musical prowess but also introduced their artistry to hundreds of thousands of new followers. This surge in popularity serves as the perfect prelude to their latest project, ensuring a wider audience for their most personal and reflective work to date.

A Deep Dive into Humanity

a moment in the sun is a collection of six tracks that span a total listening length of 25 minutes. Each song is a testament to the duo’s ability to explore the complexities of the human experience. From the lush melodies of singles like “same old eyes,” “better days,” and “seasons,” Amistat crafts a sonic journey through our collective highs and lows, insecurities, anxieties, hopes, and dreams.

The EP’s sound is characterized by soft acoustic guitar, organic piano, and the twins’ intimate harmonies. It’s a sound that breathes emotion, inviting listeners into a candid look at the duo’s personal and collective identities.

Exclusive Q&A with Amistat

In an exclusive Q&A, I delved deeper with Amistat into their creative process, the inspiration behind the EP, and their plans for the future amidst their viral success.

1. Viral Fame and Its Influence

When asked about how their viral fame influenced a moment in the sun, Amistat shared that the EP’s final touches were completed before their cover of “The Night We Met” took off. The unexpected success didn’t shape the creative process but has undoubtedly provided the best promotion for the new record, exposing their music to a vast new audience.

2. Inspiration from Personal Challenges

A specific moment of inspiration for the EP came from the duo’s relentless touring schedule, which led to Jan facing mental health challenges. The title track, a moment in the sun, speaks to this experience, offering a poignant reflection on dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

3. Songwriting and Production Process

Their approach to songwriting and production emphasizes maintaining each track’s emotional depth and authenticity. Starting with a melody or guitar riff, the process involves refining the idea until it resonates deeply when performed with just a guitar and vocals. This dedication to the core message of each song allows for a genuine expression of emotion in their music.

4. The Impact of Sharing Personal Stories

For Amistat, music is a means of processing and growing through personal and professional experiences. Sharing these stories has profoundly impacted them, both individually and as a duo, reinforcing their gratitude for the ability to create and connect with others through their art.

5. Engaging with Fans Post-EP Release

With social media playing a crucial role in their recent success, Amistat plans to continue engaging with their fanbase by sharing new music and creative content. Already working on their next record, they aim to evolve their sound from a place of genuine authenticity.

Amistat: The Journey of Twin Harmony

I want to delve deeper into the journey of Amistat, the musical duo comprised of twin brothers Josef and Jan Prasil. Born in Germany and raised in Italy, their rich cultural background spans the Czech Republic and Australia, weaving a diverse tapestry of influences into their music. Their quest for musical growth led them to Australia, and in 2019, they made the pivotal decision to return to Europe, marking a new chapter in their evolving story.

Musical Influences and Live Performances

Amistat’s sound is a blend of modern acoustic folk reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel, with influences from contemporary artists like Ben Howard, Kings of Convenience, and Kodaline. It’s in the live setting that their music truly shines, offering audiences not just a performance but an experience—a space for emotional connection, healing, and inspiration. The duo’s vocal harmonies are a testament to their unique bond as twins, creating a synergy that captivates and moves their listeners.

Their music, rich in authenticity and depth, serves as a bridge between their personal experiences and the universal human condition. Through their songs, they share stories and insights gained from life’s journey, making every lyric, every note, resonate with heartfelt sincerity.

A Journey of Connection and Recognition

Since their inception in 2012, Amistat has released four EPs—It’s Not Words, Somewhere Sometime, Nostalgia, Love and Light—and their debut album Parley. Their music has taken them on tours across Australia and Europe, gracing stages at prestigious festivals like Woodford Folk Festival and National Folk Festival, and earning them accolades such as the Marton Guitar Emerging Artist of the Year at the Port Fairy Folk Festival 2018.

Their relentless dedication to their craft saw them performing 49 shows in 15 countries alongside Australian band “Sons of the East”, followed by their own headline tour in Europe and the UK. 2022 was a landmark year with over 150 shows in less than seven months, showcasing their incredible work ethic and passion for live performances.

Continued Success and Future Aspirations

The European tour in April 2023 was a testament to their growing popularity, with sold-out performances in iconic venues like Munich’s “Muffathalle” and Vienna’s “Arena”. This achievement underscored the duo’s ability to connect with audiences across geographical and cultural divides, selling over 10,000 tickets. Inspired by this overwhelming support, Amistat is poised to continue their journey in 2024 with tours planned across Europe, including first-time performances in the UK, Belgium, and Spain.

Amistat’s story is one of connection, resilience, and the unbreakable bond of twinship. Their music transcends the personal, touching on the universal, and in doing so, invites listeners into a shared experience of emotion and humanity. As they prepare to release a moment in the sun, their journey from viral sensations to seasoned live performers stands as a beacon for aspiring artists everywhere. Join Amistat on their musical journey, as they continue to inspire, connect, and resonate with audiences around the globe.