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Buzhold Unveiled: Inside the Heart of ‘What It Meant?’ – A Journey Through Sound and Soul


From the heart of Tallinn, Estonia, emerges Buzhold, a band that’s quickly carving its niche in the alt-rock scene with their debut album, “What It Meant?”. Released under Noon Records, this album marks a significant milestone not only for the band but also for the label as their first official release. Let’s dive into the essence of this album, explore its unique blend of sounds, and share insights directly from the band.

The Sound of “What It Meant?”

Buzhold’s debut is an audacious exploration of grunge and shoegaze, infused with a distinctive Estonian flavor that sets it apart. The album feels like a journey back to the raw energy of Nirvana while embracing the intricate detailing of shoegaze pioneers. With tracks like “Decode,” “Shoe Case,” “Woven,” and “Don’t Mind” listeners are treated to a soundscape that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly innovative.

The song “Decode” sets the tone for the album with its blend of grunge-inspired guitar riffs and shoegaze’s ethereal overlay. The track showcases Edvin’s vocal range and emotional depth, navigating the spaces between introspection and outward expression. The lyrics, both cryptic and compelling, invite listeners to find their own meaning within the song’s layers.

Woven: Described by the band as the heart of the album, “Woven” is a testament to Buzhold’s creative genesis. The track’s dynamic structure—forgoing the traditional verse-chorus format for a more fluid, evolving composition—highlights the band’s willingness to experiment and push boundaries. Its lyrics and arrangement encapsulate the essence of “What It Meant?”, offering a blend of nostalgia, innovation, and a profound sense of place.

Recorded throughout 2023, “What It Meant?” boasts nine tracks that encapsulate ethereal atmospheres, hypnotic vocals, and distorted guitar melodies. The band, consisting of Edvin, Christofer, Art, and Kristofer, demonstrates a musical alchemy that beautifully melds genres, creating a sonic experience that’s as rich as it is diverse.

Q&A with Buzhold

Q: Can you describe the creative process behind “What It Meant?” and how did your environment in Tallinn influence the album’s sound?

A: Our songs flowed out quite naturally. Initially, we were more focused on performing live without a clear plan to release an album. Our music direction was undefined; we were experimenting. Tallinn’s punk scene, especially, had a significant influence, pushing us towards a heavier sound on some tracks to align with local tastes.

Q: How have bands like Nirvana and the shoegaze genre influenced your music?

A: Nirvana inspired us with their simplicity and powerful sound. We aimed to emulate that—creating straightforward, impactful riffs and melodies. Shoegaze’s influence was more about the atmospheric and immersive qualities, though our understanding and execution of shoegaze evolved as we developed our sound.

Q: “Woven” is mentioned as the heart of the album. What makes this track so special to you?

A: “Woven” represents the genesis of our band; it’s where our journey truly began. This song encapsulates all aspects of our debut, blending our influences and creative aspirations into a single track that holds a special place for us.

Q: Looking forward, how do you see your sound evolving in the future?

A: While we’re keeping our future directions close to our chest, rest assured, it’s a big secret we’re excited to reveal in time. Our sound will continue to evolve, reflecting our growth as musicians and individuals.

Q: What connection do you hope to establish with your fans through “What It Meant?”?

A: We hope our music resonates with those who find beauty in the same things we do. Our songs are crafted with passion and dedication, containing layers of meaning that we hope will connect with listeners on a deep level.

Musical Alchemy and Future Directions

Buzhold’s ability to fuse different genres into a distinctive sound is evident throughout “What It Meant?”. Their music does not just exist within the confines of alt-rock or shoegaze but occupies a unique space where these genres intersect and dialogue. The band’s creative process, influenced by Tallinn’s vibrant scene and their diverse musical backgrounds, has resulted in an album that feels both deeply personal and universally resonant.

As for the future, Buzhold hints at a secret direction, promising that their evolution will continue to surprise and engage their fans. Their debut album is a powerful statement of intent, a blend of passion, dedication, and innovation that sets the stage for what’s to come.

Through its standout tracks and cohesive sound, “What It Meant?” by Buzhold offers listeners a journey through the landscapes of emotion and memory, marked by moments of introspection and bursts of energy. It’s an invitation to explore the depths of what music can mean and how it connects us to ourselves and each other. As Buzhold continues to evolve, they remain a band to watch, promising more stories, more sounds, and more moments that resonate with the beauty of shared experience.

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