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Avignon by Plàsi

"Avignon" by Plàsi: A Dreamy Road Trip Through Soundscapes and Soulscapes

Capturing the Essence of Summer in Every Note

Plàsi’s latest offering, “Avignon,” is more than a song—it’s an immersive journey, unfolding like a cinematic ode to escapism and freedom. Released as part of the buzz around his upcoming EP “Salamina,” this track stands out with its lyrical storytelling and rich folk sensibilities, weaving a narrative that takes us from the summertime bliss of youthful love to the scenic stretches of Avignon and Castellón.

Musical Journey Meets Cinematic Vision

Produced in collaboration with Björn Yttling, known for his work with Lykke Li and First Aid Kit, “Avignon” showcases an artistic evolution for Plàsi. The track’s melodic structure and instrumentation echo the airy, light-hearted yet profound nature of indie folk, but with a twist that incorporates broader, more cinematic elements. This approach not only highlights Plàsi’s versatility but also complements the song’s thematic focus on geographical and emotional exploration.

The gentle plucking of guitars accompanied by ambient, atmospheric sounds creates a soundscape that mimics the serene yet exhilarating experience of a road trip across Europe’s picturesque landscapes. It’s as if each chord progression carries the listener further down the coast, with every verse acting as a pitstop filled with reflective moments and scenic beauty.

Lyrics that Paint Pictures

Plàsi’s lyrics in “Avignon” are crafted with a poetic grace that invites listeners to cover their eyes and fall into a “purple paradise” of their own making. The refrain, “Took a car drove over to Avignon / Where I believed that we could be free,” isn’t just about physical travel but also about the liberation and renewal found in returning to cherished memories or making new ones.

Visuals and Vibes

The accompanying music video further enhances the song’s allure, portraying the idyllic yet fleeting moments of a summer love story set against the backdrop of France’s southern coast. It’s a visual treat that complements the auditory experience, making “Avignon” a holistic artistic expression.

A Step into a Larger World

With “Avignon” and the anticipation of the “Salamina” EP, Plàsi is not just revisiting his roots but expanding them. This track promises a fuller, richer sound and a deeper dive into his dual heritage of Swedish and Greek cultures, which has continuously influenced his music.


“Avignon” by Plàsi is a testament to the power of music to transport us across worlds—both real and imagined. It’s a track that not only anticipates the summer but invites us to relive our own summertime memories, making it a must-listen for fans of thoughtful, evocative indie folk.