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Be Kind, Please Rewind by The Midland Affair

Rewinding the Sound: The Midland Affair's Emotive Journey in 'Be Kind, Please Rewind'

The indie music scene is buzzing with the emergence of The Midland Affair, a three-piece alternative rock band that’s carving a niche in the post-hardcore and emo landscape. Their debut single, “Be Kind, Please Rewind,” released just 35 days ago, is not only a sonic exploration but a bold statement of their musical prowess.

“Be Kind, Please Rewind” serves as the vanguard of their 12-track album, “Genesis,” slated for a full release in June 2024. Native Analog Records, known for nurturing unique talents, fittingly backs this ambitious project. The Midland Affair’s strategy of releasing one single monthly leading up to the album drop is a tantalizing approach, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Notably, the entire album is currently accessible for those who subscribe via the Native Analog Records website.

Diving into the song, “Be Kind, Please Rewind” is a masterful blend of post-hardcore elements and emo untertones, delivering a sound that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly new. The track starts the mood with a a landscape painted by a gripping guitar riff, , and setting the tone for an emotional rollercoaster. The vocals are raw and poignant, encapsulating the angst and introspection typical of the genre.

The lyrics are a tapestry of emotional depth, exploring themes of regret, hope, and the passage of time and is bound to resonate with listeners. The band’s ability to juxtapose heavy instrumentals with vulnerable lyricism is commendable, making “Be Kind, Please Rewind” a standout track in the contemporary indie scene.

Please, please don’t let me forget
The times when I was young
I don’t want to know anymore
I just want my brain back to the place
Where it was before

“Be Kind, Please Rewind” is a testament to The Midland Affair’s potential in reshaping the post-hardcore genre. The track is a compelling start to what promises to be an exciting journey towards the release of “Genesis.” With their innovative release strategy and gripping sound, The Midland Affair is a band to watch in 2024.