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Oxytocin by Pure Spirit

A Melodic Dive into the Depths of Emotion

A Melodic Dive into the Depths of Emotion

Released in the early hours of March 5, 2024, Spirit Pure’s latest single “Oxytocin” emerges as a poignant masterpiece, weaving sad, moody themes into the fabric of indie pop. This song marks yet another mesmerizing entry into the duo’s discography, further establishing Jeff Engelmann and Sal Plant as masterful storytellers through music. Drawing from the rich, emotive well of their previous work, “Oxytocin” serves as a continuation of the duo’s exploration into the complexities of human emotions, set against the backdrop of their signature bedroom pop and dream pop influences.

Jeff Engelmann and Sal Plant, the creative force behind Spirit Pure, have once again demonstrated their adeptness at blending sultry vocals with the intimate, synthesized beats that have become their hallmark. As with their debut single “Easy,” “Oxytocin” thrives on its ability to transport listeners into a dream-like state, though this time, the journey ventures into the deeper, more introspective realms of longing and connection.

The Essence of “Oxytocin”

At its core, “Oxytocin” is a lyrical and sonic exploration of the desire for closeness and the inherent melancholy that comes with emotional vulnerability. The song’s title, named after the hormone often dubbed the ‘love hormone,’ hints at the duality of connection—its power to both heal and hurt. Engelmann’s ambient influences from his Quiraing project are palpable in the track’s atmospheric production, while Plant’s experience with American Wolf shines through in the polished, electro-pop sensibilities.

Listeners familiar with Spirit Pure’s work will recognize the duo’s gift for creating music that feels both personal and universal. The song’s moody ambiance is punctuated by moments of lyrical clarity, painting vivid pictures of the push and pull between isolation and intimacy. In “Oxytocin,” Spirit Pure invites us to reflect on our own experiences of seeking connection, reminding us of the beauty and pain intertwined in the act of reaching out to others.

A Symphony of Indie Pop and Emotion

“Oxytocin” stands out not only for its lyrical depth but also for its sonic landscape. The song’s structure, with its cascading synthesizer beats and hauntingly beautiful vocal melodies, showcases the duo’s evolution as musicians. The track is a testament to the seamless collaboration between Engelmann and Plant, who have once again found a “great rhythm” in their music-making process, despite the unconventional beginnings of their partnership during the COVID lockdown.

As Spirit Pure continues to carve out their niche in the indie pop scene, “Oxytocin” solidifies their status as artists capable of touching the heartstrings of their listeners. The song is a must-listen for anyone who has ever felt the ache of longing, the warmth of connection, or the complexity of human emotion. It is a reminder that, in the end, our experiences of love and loss are what make us profoundly human.