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Butterflies by You Folk

The song “Butterflies” is bold and dreamy, featuring powerful guitars and dynamic druming that create a lush and complex soundscape. These elements are exciting and create an immersive musical experience that draws the listener in with its captivating and multifaceted sound.

As a five-piece band hailing from Chicago, You Folk draws inspiration from artists like Turnover, Spirit of the Beehive, and Slowdive. This influence is reflected in the dreamy and atmospheric quality of the song.

Starting as a solo project for vocalist/guitarist Daniel Lee, You Folk quickly became a full band effort, featuring guitarist and backup vocalist Travis Schuster, bassist Rebecca Young, keyboardist/guitarist Evan Lyman, and drummer Bryan Kingsley. This band composition allows for greater experimentation and refinement of the band’s sound, which can be heard in the complex and layered instrumentation of “Butterflies.”