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ENOUGH by Oddysseys

The Chicago-based duo, Oddysseys, has once again delivered an explosive and sonically diverse track with “Enough”. Led by Christian Treon’s hauntingly honest lyrics that touch on themes of self-sabotage and dissatisfaction, the band’s 80’s/90’s post-punk and grunge production elements culminate into the fastest 2:33 minutes of your life.

From the moment the track starts, the listener is hooked by the infectious drumbeat and driving guitar riffs. Treon’s vocals are raw and emotive, adding to the track’s intensity and urgency. The chorus is anthemic, with the lyrics “I don’t want to be the one who’s never enough” ringing in your ears long after the song ends.

Oddysseys’ DIY ethos and strong work ethic are evident in the track’s production, which is polished and well-executed. The band’s influences, including The Cure, New Order, and The Stone Roses, are apparent in their sound, yet they manage to push boundaries and establish their unique sound.

“Enough” is a dynamic track that showcases Oddysseys’ ability to traverse genres and offer something for everyone, from moshers to dancers to arm-crossers. It’s a track that demands to be put on repeat, as one listen is not enough to fully appreciate its depth and intricacy.

Overall, Oddysseys continues to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with in the post-punk genre. Their commitment to their vision and determination to forge their own path in the music industry is admirable, and “Enough” is a testament to their hard work and talent.