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Love this groove, so sensual and laid back. Constantly thinking of Tame Impala and similar groups in this track. Gi is a performer and I absolutely look forward to some live shows this fall.

wwoman’s G Smee moved from a well off suburban family home directly into an active Florida crackhouse, and stayed for five years. Earlier this year they ran a full marathon with no prior training (having run just a single mile the night before to see how it felt). Gi follows the ‘let’s see what will happen’ game-plan, mostly just to outrun boredom. So it makes sense that a couple years ago, after moving back from the crack house experiment, they sold everything they owned to buy a studio full of old recording equipment that they had no idea how to use. And now, this constantly curious and discontent weirdo has temporarily found a new nook to enjoy.

About learning how to make music, Gi says “I just like the thought of making someone’s jam though. That’s what I think about. Like after spending months hulled up by myself, making the tiniest tweaks to get it just how I think it should sound, I get to know the work I put in is affecting people. Whether they’re listening in their bedroom, or driving home from a party at night, or with earbuds in on the train—I get to make them feel. It’s some magical shit.”